Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday tip...

Just a quick tip today about the ribbon I put around my photo mats. I love the look of ribbon and the texture and dimension it adds to a layout (or card, or whatever!).

If my photo mat is 5 inches across, I lay the ribbon across the mat and cut it so about half an inch lays over each side. I then add adhesive to the back side of the ends (just on that half inch section on each end), and fold them around the back of the mat and secure the ends down. Now I have a ribbon going across my mat that I can slide my photo under if I want.

I always like too tie a little knot or put a bow on the ribbon just to give it a finished off look. For the knot, I just tie a small piece of ribbon in a single knot. Before I tighten the knot down, I place a small spot of liquid adhesive where I want the knot to stay... this way it won't move or come un-done.

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping! :)

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