Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Looking for a CD disk the other day I was struck by how many of these disks I have just sitting around, useless, taking up space. It was time to put some of them to use.

So I made a coaster. A little seasonal friend to keep the tea and coffee rings off my desk and make me smile
first thing in the morning.

I used a cut file from Cool Winter Caps. These would make great fridge magnets too as well as cards or even place markers on a festive table!

I made a silhouette cut-out of the entire penguin, which I adhered to a sheet of white paper and finally to the disk. I made the silhouette cut-out as I wanted to inlay the coloured pieces of the picture so that the surface of the coaster would be as smooth as possible. I did not want too many bumpy areas.

The center hole on the disk also needs to be filled to prevent sagging. For that I used scrapped pieces of card stock that I punched out. I needed 5 to fill the hole.

This side of the disk I covered with an image from a paper pack. This way for Christmas day I can flip it over and have a Christmas picture.  (The circular ridge in the middle shows up clearly here because the paper is rather thin) Cork or felt make very nice backings for these coasters too.

I added a couple layers of acrylic floor wax to seal the card stock (Modge Podge or a spray on sealer works well too!)
The sealer I used darkened the card stock as it soaked in.

For a final touch a bead of glitter glue around the edge of the disk works really well. I don't plan on adding it to this one though!

Happy crafting!

DT - Charne

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