Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to School Rewards - Part 2

Hi everyone!  Melissa here to share a couple more rewards that I've made for my sister.  Michelle was kind enough to create two more owls that I had suggested for this project.  I love love lovey them!  She introduced Nerdy Owl and Recess Owl last week.  So cute!!

This one is Recess Owl.  The talk bubble is just a generic talk bubble I found on the Silhouette Online Store and I did the letters with my own fonts.  I did adhere a double layer of clear plastic so that it appeared to be floating.

And here's Nerdy Owl.  Now he does come with word panels for the monitor and keyboard but I omitted those so that I could customize the wording.  The reward is 10 minutes free electronic time, but I couldn't fit all that, so I went with what you see.

My sister totally loves these and I think it's so much fun that she designed her classroom with owls this year and I didn't even know it.  These little guys will fit right in!

Be sure to pick these guys up during the after Labor Day Sale!

Melissa - DT

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