Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip...

Lots of girls ask me how I do the wavy cut with the scallop edge on my pages. So I thought I would show you how today. I am on the ball this week and even have photos to go along with my instructions! :)

1. First you will cut a strip of paper that will be your border, I usually cut it to fit the space it will go in. For example, if it is a top border for my layout I will cut it to 12 inches, but if it is to border a photo mat I will cut it to 4.25 inches long. (the thickness is up to you)

2. Next I cut a wave pattern on one side of the border strip using the
Creative Memories wavy paper trimmer (you could trace a wave pattern with a wavy ruler, or draw your own wave and cut it if you do not have the trimmer)

3. Then I take a one inch strip of coordination cardstock and glue it to the back of the wave pattern. It should stick out enough for you to cut a scallop along the edge.

4. I then follow the wave pattern with my scallop scissors.

5. Now you have a cute wavy border! Little tip: when using this as a border for a photo mat, I always just glue down the edges so the photo can slide nicely underneath.

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Thank you so much.... super great TIP !!!

    Have a great Tuesday!
    Maria Elena ;-)

  2. ooooooohhhh!! I need a wavy cutter like that :)

  3. now we have to find a wavy cutter like that Since CM stopped making it. Why I wonder, it seems to be a big hit!! I always say, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!!!"

  4. Thanks! Glad you liked the tip! I wonder if you could still find some CM reps who may have one? Or maybe check on Ebay? Happy Scrapping!

  5. So cool Michelle! TFS! Your layouts are always AWESOME! :D

  6. Thanks for the information on the wavy lines. Your layouts are s0 cute. This my first Blog hop

  7. Thanks for sharing your info, hugs! Kristy sent me here. I haven't scrapbooked for a while, was doing my family tree scrapbook, then life sent me a mile or two extra to go, so I need to get back into it. I have become a follower, so thanks again! Hugs! Leah Ann

  8. Oh look at you Michelle !! Thanks chick you know I have driven you crazy wanting to know how to do this !! I have the trimmer but I didnt have these scissors so they are my number one item to get asap !! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful work !!!