Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New scrapbook kits...

I wanted to share 2 new scrapbook kits that will be available tomorrow on www.designsoncloud9.com. And, for the 4 comments that I received on  my last post, I have decided to give each of you a $10 voucher to the site! Just email me at designsoncloud9@gmail.com and put 'blog comment' in the subject to claim your prize! Thanks so much for the input!


  1. I really like your "You Tube" videos as well as updates to what you are working on. Your files are so creative and one of a kind. Love the new layouts posted (so much so I just had to order one tonight before they are all gone).

    I know that your are very busy so it is hard to keep up with everything. Please know that we are out here and reading your blogs. I try to check your blog each day but there are somedays that I just don't get on-line(had a meeting last night so I didn't sign on). I will continue to follow you on your blog and your website. (I am not on facebook but I do access it through your website to see all of the wonderful work and comments.

  2. Cute scrapbook kits! The colors are vibrant and playful! By the way, I like your contests. I think these inspire people to be more creative and think outside the box, or at least widen the sides of the box! Will stay tuned for more inspiring design sets. ;)