Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Good morning! I thought I would get an early start on my tip today! Last week I mentioned layering a piece of cardstock behind a piece of patterned paper to give it a nice finished look and some support to the page. If you want to be a bit more frugal, and/or you don't want that much weight added to the page you could cut the middle out of the cardstock. You would still have that nice framed finished look, but also have less weight to the page and more cardstock to use on photo mats.

Just line the cardstock up to 1 inch on your paper trimmer. From the ruler on the arm, make a cut from the 1 inch mark to the 11 inch mark. Now rotate the cardstock and make this cut on all 4 sides. You should come out with an 11x11 inch piece of cardstock, and a frame to put behind your patterned paper. I hope this makes sense... just drop me a comment if you have any questions.

Happy Scrapping!

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